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Aadiya Piramal, the young scion of the Piramal family, represents the future of one of India’s most influential business dynasties. After Isha Ambani seen to be dropping Aadiya Piramal off for her first day of school, everyone wants to know about Aadiya Piramal. So here we gave you a brief intro about Aadiya Piramal.

Who is Aadiya Piramal?

Aadiya Piramal is the daughter of Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal. She, along with her twin brother Krishna, was born in November 2022. Aadiya has been the recipient of luxurious gifts, including a hamper with 108 golden bells symbolizing auspicious chants from the Hindu Vedas.

Aadiya Piramal

She is often seen in public with her family, attending events like the annual day fest at Dhirubhai Ambani International School.

Aadiya is noted for her resemblance to her father, Anand Piramal, as seen in various pictures shared by the family.

Aadiya Piramal Overview

NameAadiya Piramal
Age1 year
ParentsIsha Ambani, Anand Piramal
SiblingsKrishna Piramal
PersonalityCheerful, Curious
Social LifePlaygroups
HobbiesInteractive Playtime

LATEST NEWS: Isha Ambani was recently seen dropping Aadiya off for her first day of school, ensuring her daughter receives no special treatment despite the family’s status.

Personal Information

  • Name: Aadiya Piramal
  • Age: 1 year old
  • Date of Birth: November 19, 2022
  • Place of Birth: Mumbai, India
  • Gender: Female

Family Background

  • Parents’ Names: Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal1
  • Siblings: Krishna Piramal (twin brother)
  • Family Structure: Part of the extended Ambani-Piramal family


  • Current School/Grade: Recently started preschool
  • Academic Achievements: N/A
  • Extracurricular Activities: N/A
  • Special Interests or Talents: N/A


  • General Health Condition: Good
  • Any Medical Conditions or Allergies: None reported
  • Vaccination Status: Up-to-date
Isha Ambani seen to be dropping Aadiya Piramal off for her first day of school

Aadiya Piramal School

Aadiya Piramal recently started going to school along with her twin sibling, Krishna. Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal, the parents, were seen taking their twins to school on March 11, 2024. Aadiya was dressed in a printed frock in white and pink, while Krishna wore a green and white checkered shirt with beige pants.

Additionally, on March 14, 2024, Isha Ambani, Anand Piramal, and their children, Krishna and Aadiya, were spotted in Mumbai, with Isha looking stunning in a Hoor Hand Block Printed outfit.

Personality Traits

Aadiya Piramal is described as a cheerful and curious child, always eager to explore her surroundings. Her strengths include a joyful disposition and resilience, while her weaknesses are yet to be discovered as she grows.

Social Life

  • Friendships: Building bonds with peers at preschool
  • Social Activities or Clubs: Participates in playgroups

Hobbies and Interests

  • List hobbies or interests: Enjoys interactive playtime
  • Activities the child enjoys doing in free time: Exploring new toys and environments

Goals and Aspirations

  • Short-term goals: Learning new words and skills
  • Long-term aspirations: Yet to be determined


Aadiya Piramal is a beacon of joy and potential for her family. As she embarks on her educational journey, her parents ensure she experiences a normal upbringing despite the family’s prominence.


Who are Aadiya Piramal’s parents?

Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal.

Does Aadiya have any siblings?

Yes, she has a twin brother named Krishna Piramal.

When was Aadiya born?

November 19, 2022.

Where does the Piramal family hail from?

Mumbai, India.

What gift did Aadiya receive symbolizing auspicious chants?

A hamper with 108 golden bells from the Hindu Vedas.

Has Aadiya started her education?

Yes, she recently began attending preschool.

How are her parents ensuring a normal upbringing?

By not providing any special treatment despite the family’s status.

What are some of Aadiya’s hobbies?

Interactive playtime, exploring new toys and environments.

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