10 facts about dolly ellis oppenheimer


1. Dolly Ellis-Oppenheimer is the daughter of actor Tom Ellis and his wife Meaghan Oppenheimer, born via surrogate.

2. Dolly Ellis-Oppenheimer is the first child of Tom Ellis and Meaghan Oppenheimer.

3. Dolly Ellis-Oppenheimer's birth was kept private until the announcement by Tom Ellis.

4. Dolly Ellis-Oppenheimer's full name is Dolly Ellis-Oppenheimer.

5. Dolly Ellis-Oppenheimer Birth: Significant Event for Tom Ellis and Meaghan Oppenheimer.

6. Meaghan Oppenheimer and Tom Ellis welcomed Dolly Ellis-Oppenheimer into the world.

7. With the arrival of Dolly Ellis-Oppenheimer, Tom Ellis and Meaghan Oppenheimer started a new chapter in their parenting journey.

8. When Dolly Ellis-Oppenheimer was born, both parents celebrated.

9. Tom Ellis and Meaghan Oppenheimer appreciated and cherished when Dolly Ellis-Oppenheimer was born.

10. The birth of Dolly Ellis-Oppenheimer was a small and intimate event for her entire family.