NBA YoungBoy, a 23-year-old rapper, has 11 children with eight different women

1.Kayden Gaulden: Born on July 4, 2016, to Nisha Keller

2.Kamiri Gaulden: Born in 2017 to Starr Dejanee

3.Kamron Gaulden: Born in 2017 to Starr Dejanee

4.Taylin Gaulden: Born in 2016 to Nia

5.Kacey Alexander Gaulden: Born in 2018 to Jania Meshell

6.Armani Gaulden: Born in 2019 to Nisha Keller

7.Kentrell Jr.: Born in 2020 to Yaya Mayweather

8.Nora: Born in 2021 to Jazlyn Mychelle

9.Kacey Alexander Gaulden Jr.:Born in 2022 to Jania Meshell

10.Klemenza Tru: Born in September 2022 to Jazlyn Mychelle

11.Drew Valentina: Born in April 2023 to an Asian Instagram model