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After the finding of Alex Batty, who had been missing for six years, everyone Searches for Alex Batty Parents.

Alex Batty Parents

alex batty parents
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Alex Batty’s parents consist of his mother Melanie, aged 43, and his grandfather David, aged 64.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, Alex Batty, who had been missing for more than six years, revealed his reasons for leaving his mother, Melanie, and grandfather, David, behind. He stated that while Melanie is a great person, she is not a great mother.

Alex and his family have been living a nomadic lifestyle since October 2017.

Before leaving Melanie, he wrote a note to his family telling them he loved them and went on the run. He was eventually found by a Samaritan driver, Fabien Accidini.

Alex has since confirmed that his mother and grandfather are alive but fears they will be arrested if found by police.

Alex Batty Parents

ParentsMelanie Batty (mother), David Batty (grandfather)
AgesMelanie: 43 years, David: 64 years (as of 2023)
Last Known LocationMelanie: Believed to be in Finland, David: Possibly France
Relationship with AlexMelanie: Described as “not a great mum” despite being a great person, David: Worked as a handyman and spent time with Melanie
Current StatusBoth Melanie and David are wanted by police regarding Alex’s disappearance in 2017

Who is Alex Batty’s Mother Melanie?

Melanie Batty is the mother of Alex Batty, her age is 43 Years. A British boy who went missing in 2017 and was found in France in 2023. She was reported to have fled to Spain to escape attention after her son reappeared.

Melanie Batty has been described as a “conspiracy theorist” who believed that Covid-19 was created by the state. She is also believed to have gone to Finland, with Interpol joining the search for her.

Melanie Batty’s son, Alex, has spoken about his relationship with her, stating that she’s a great person, but “just not a great mum”.

Who is Alex Batty’s grandfather David?

Alex Batty’s grandfather is David Batty, who was 58 years old in 2017 when Alex went missing.

David Batty is believed to have worked as a handyman and would disappear for weeks to visit Melanie, who lived close by in Ariege.

In 2017, Alex, Melanie, and David were on a family holiday in Spain when they were supposed to return to Oldham, Greater Manchester, but never did.

Alex was found alive and well in France in 2023, and his grandfather is said to be alive and well in France as well, with some neighbors claiming to have seen him recently.

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