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Discover the family joy: Explore the number of Caroline Wozniacki kids and their adorable moments. Get insights into the tennis star’s parenting journey.

Caroline Wozniacki Kids

Caroline Wozniacki and her husband David Lee have two children together. Their daughter, Olivia Wozniacki Lee, was born on June 11, 2021, while their son, James Wozniacki Lee, was born on October 24, 2022. Recently, Caroline shared that Olivia has developed an “obsession” with tennis and has been giving her fans glimpses of her children on social media.

Child NameDate of Birth
Olivia Wozniacki LeeJune 11, 2021
James Wozniacki LeeOctober 24, 2022
Caroline Wozniacki Kids
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How Many Kids Does Caroline Wozniacki Have?

Caroline Wozniacki, a professional tennis player, is married to former NBA player David Lee. The couple has two children together. Wozniacki announced her first pregnancy in February 2021 and gave birth to her daughter, Olivia, in June of the same year. In June 2022, she announced her second pregnancy and later gave birth to a baby boy named James on October 24, 2022.

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How Old is Caroline Wozniacki Kids?

Caroline Wozniacki has two children, a daughter named Olivia Wozniacki Lee and a son named James Wozniacki Lee. Olivia was born in June 2021 and is currently 2 years old. James was born in October 2022 and is currently 1 year old.

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Does Caroline Wozniacki have Kids?

Yes, Caroline Wozniacki has two children. She had her first child, a girl named Olivia, in June 2021, and her second child, a boy named James, in October 2022.

Source: Instagram


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