Jynxzi Net Worth 2024 | Jynxzi – Twitch Star Biography, Net Worth & Career

Jynxzi is a top Twitch streamer known for games like NBA 2K, Rainbow Six Siege, and Just Chatting. Read her biography, net worth, career, income sources, and more.


Jynxzi, an American Twitch star born on September 26, 2001, has garnered a massive following in the gaming community. With engaging content and entertaining streams, Jynxzi has become a well-known figure on the popular streaming platform.

Jynxzi Net Worth

Here’s a comprehensive look into Jynxzi’s biography, net worth, and career updates.

Jynxzi Net – Overview

Full NameNicholas Stewart
Date of BirthSeptember 26, 2001
Age22 years old
Net Worth$500,000 to $725,000
Zodiac SignLibra
Primary PlatformTwitch
Followers on TwitchOver 360,000
Other PlatformsYouTube, TikTok
Games StreamedNBA 2K, Rainbow Six Siege, Just Chatting
Income SourcesTwitch subscriptions, ads revenue, bits/tips, sponsorships, brand deals


Jynxzi, born in the United States, is currently 22 years old and falls under the zodiac sign Libra.

Net Worth:

Jynxzi’s net worth is estimated to be between $500,000 to $725,000 in 2024. As a dedicated content creator with a growing fan base, Jynxzi has achieved considerable success on Twitch. Her net worth is projected to continue to increase as her popularity soars.


Jynxzi, known for live-streaming content from games like NBA 2K and Rainbow Six Siege, has over 360,000 followers on Twitch. She started gaining traction online in 2020 and expanded her presence to YouTube, where she shares her best moments and challenges.

Aside from gaming, Jynxzi also streams conversational content on Twitch’s Just Chatting section and has a popular TikTok account where she shares comedic gaming videos. Despite facing controversies, Jynxzi maintains a sizable fan base across various platforms.

Potential Sources of Income:

Jynxzi generates income through various streams, including advertising, sponsorships, and brand deals. With Twitch as her main source of income, she benefits from subscription tiers, ad revenue sharing, and virtual tipping through Bits.


At 22 years old, Jynxzi has established herself as a prominent Twitch broadcaster and content creator. With a net worth ranging from $500,000 to $725,000 and a dedicated fan base, she thrives in the gaming community. As she navigates her streaming career, Jynxzi’s potential for growth and financial success remains promising.

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