Who is Noa Mimi Tikhman?

Erin Foster, the 41-year-old actress, has become a mother for the first time. She and her husband, Simon Tikhman, welcomed their newborn daughter into the world on May 19, 2023. Foster shared the joyous news on her Instagram, accompanied by a series of images from their home birth. In her post’s caption, she described the delivery as “the most insane experience of my life, with the best ending.”

Noa Mimi Tikhman

Noa Mimi Tikhman Wikipedia

NameNoa Mimi Tikhman
ParentsErin Foster (Mother), Simon Tikhman (Father)
Birth DateMay 17, 2023
Birth Time4:41 AM
Birth LocationHome birth
Due DateEarly June 2023
Arrival TimeTwo weeks ahead of schedule
Mother’s Age at Birth41 years old
Announcement DateMay 19, 2023
Mother’s Description“Perfect and super advanced already”
Notable Comments“The first person I’ve met who prefers me to Simon.”
Celebrity CongratulationsJennifer Aniston, Mindy Kaling, Stassi Schroeder, Sara Foster, Rebecca Foster

Erin Foster’s Pregnancy Journey

Erin Foster’s pregnancy journey began with playful responses to speculation about her growing baby bump. In July 2022, during an Instagram Story session, she struck a pose while taking an airplane selfie. She captioned it, “Can you imagine how insane I’m going to be as a MOTHER!?” accompanied by a crown emoji.

On Thanksgiving Day in November 2023, Foster officially announced her pregnancy on Instagram, sharing a photo of herself showing off her baby bump in the sunlight. In the caption, she wrote, “It feels like we need something positive right now, so I’d like to offer something. I’m pregnant!”

As her pregnancy progressed, Foster continued to document her journey on social media. In December 2023, she shared a festive photo on Instagram, lifting her Christmas sweater to reveal her growing baby bump as she playfully stuck out her tongue for the camera. The caption read, “She’s a vision. Just how I imagined.”

In January 2024, Foster and Tikhman enjoyed a babymoon vacation in Los Cabos, Mexico, where she embraced her bump in stunning photos.

The Home Birth Experience

Erin Foster opted for a natural home birth, which she described as an intense experience. In her Instagram post announcing the arrival of her daughter, she wrote, “Gave birth to her au naturale in our bed like a beast, but also would have taken heroine in the moment if someone offered.”

Despite the challenges, Foster found humor in the situation, joking about her husband’s involvement during the labor process. She shared photos of Simon Tikhman pouring a glass of wine while she was in labor, adding, “Simon would like everyone to know he’s a warrior too ❤️.”

Who is Noa Mimi Tikhman?

Erin Foster’s daughter, Noa Mimi Tikhman, arrived two weeks ahead of schedule on May 17, 2023, at 4:41 am. In her Instagram post, Foster wrote, “Noa Mimi Tikhman being nothing like her mother who is always late, arrived two weeks early.”

Foster described her newborn as “perfect and super advanced already,” and jokingly mentioned that Noa might be “the first person I’ve met who prefers me to Simon.”

Celebrity Reactions and Congratulations

Erin Foster’s celebrity friends and family members were quick to offer their congratulations and share their own experiences. Her sister Sara Foster, mother Rebecca Foster, and actress Jennifer Aniston were among those who left heartfelt comments on her Instagram post.

“YES Mama and Papa! Welcome, Noa girl 🤗❤️,” Jennifer Aniston wrote, while Mindy Kaling added, “I love this news and these photos. You’re a legend.”

Stassi Schroeder commented, “Omg these photos are incredible. You’re a beast and I mean that in the most complimentary way ever. The biggest congratulations!!!!!!! 👑👑👑.”

Erin Foster’s Family Background

Erin Foster comes from a family with a strong entertainment background. Her father is the renowned music producer David Foster, who has 16 Grammy Awards to his name. Foster’s sisters, Sara and Jordan, are also well-known in the entertainment industry.

David Foster has a total of five grandchildren between his two eldest daughters, Allison and Amy. In addition to his five adult children, Foster has a baby of his own with his wife, Katharine McPhee. Their son, Rennie, was born in February 2021.


When did Erin Foster give birth to her first child?

Erin Foster gave birth to her first child, Noa Mimi Tikhman, on May 17, 2023, two weeks ahead of schedule.

How did Erin Foster announce her pregnancy?

Erin Foster announced her pregnancy on Instagram in November 2023, sharing a photo of her baby bump and writing, “It feels like we need something positive right now, so I’d like to offer something. I’m pregnant!”

What was unique about Erin Foster’s birth experience?

Erin Foster had a natural home birth, which she described as an intense experience. She jokingly mentioned that she would have accepted an offer for an epidural if one had been available in the moment.


Erin Foster’s journey to motherhood has been a remarkable one, filled with humor, love, and the support of her family and friends. From playfully addressing pregnancy rumors to sharing the joyous news of her daughter’s arrival, Foster has captured the hearts of her fans and followers. As she embarks on this new chapter with her husband, Simon Tikhman, and their newborn daughter, Noa Mimi Tikhman, we wish them all the best in this exciting time.

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