Shannon Klingman Net Worth in 2024 How Rich is She Now?

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Shannon Klingman Net Worth

Shannon Klingman Net Worth is around $100 million as of 2024. She is a healthcare entrepreneur and inventor who earned her MD in obstetrics and gynecology from Wayne State University School of Medicine.

Shannon Klingman Net Worth

Shannon Klingman grew Lume Deodorant into a 9-figure brand in under 5 years, without raising capital and starting in her late 40s.

Her success as an entrepreneur has contributed to her substantial net worth.

Net Worth (2024)Around $100 million
ProfessionHealthcare entrepreneur, founder of Lume Deodorant
Age54 years old
Height5 feet 10 inches
EducationMD in obstetrics and gynecology from Wayne State University School of Medicine
SpouseEvan Griffiths (obstetrician)
ChildrenBennett (17), Julia (10), Jonah (9), Mary (adopted, 8). Daughter Amy Jane passed away.

Who is Shannon Klingman?

Shannon Klingman is a medical doctor and the founder of Lume Deodorant, a whole-body deodorant brand for pits, feet, and private areas.

She is also a mother of four, including a daughter named Amy Jane, who passed away at a young age.

Klingman filed a patent for Lume in 2007 but faced several rejections before obtaining approval.

She developed the product to help women combat underarm and vaginal odor, and her natural formula has been successful in clinical trials, outperforming many brand-name deodorants.

Klingman has built Lume into a successful brand, reaching a $100 million valuation in under 5 years.

She has been open about her experiences as a woman and the challenges she faced in her medical career, which has helped her connect with her customers on a deeper level.

Despite being acquired by Harry’s, Klingman plans to keep Lume’s education, irreverence, and humor intact, ensuring that the brand’s unique identity remains unchanged.

How old is Shannon Klingman?

Shannon Klingman is a gynecology and obstetrics expert with over 26 years of experience. She is currently 54 years old.

Shannon is married to her husband, Evan Griffiths, an obstetrician, and they have four children: Bennett (17 years old), Julia (10 years old), Jonah (9 years old), and Mary (adopted, 8 years old).

Unfortunately, their daughter Amy Jane passed away during childbirth.

How tall is Shannon Klingman?

Shannon Klingman is 5 feet 10 inches tall.

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