Tim Pool GF: Who is Tim Pool’s Girlfriend?

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Who is Tim Pool GF?

Tim Pool, an American YouTuber and journalist, is reportedly dating Alison Neubauer. Alison Neubauer is a well-known media personality and producer. She serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Timecast Media and has worked as a television series producer.

However, it’s important to note that neither Tim Pool nor Alison Neubauer have officially confirmed their relationship.

Tim Pool GF

Tim Pool GF – Overview

Tim PoolAmerican journalist, political commentator, YouTuber
Tim Pool ProfessionJournalist, commentator, YouTuber
Tim Pool Known forLive streaming Occupy Wall Street (2011), political commentary, podcasts
Tim Pool GFAlison Neubauer
Alison Neubauer ProfessionChief Operating Officer at Timecast Media, journalist, producer
Alison Neubauer Known forProducing TV series like “The Timcast Channel”, “The Chicken City”
Relationship StatusUnconfirmed, but dating for a while

What is Tim Pool’s profession?

Tim Pool is a well-known American journalist, political commentator, and YouTuber. He first gained recognition for live streaming the Occupy Wall Street protests in 2011. He worked with Vice Media and Fusion TV in 2014 and later started working independently on YouTube and other platforms. His political commentary and podcast hosting have garnered him a significant following.

What is Tim Pool GF’s profession?

Tim Pool’s girlfriend, Alison Neubauer, is a Chief Operating Officer at Timecast Media, which is associated with Tim Pool’s media company. Alison Neubauer is a well-known journalist and producer, native to Maryland, United States.

She has produced several TV series, including The Tim Pool Channel, The Timcast Channel, Cast Castle, The Chicken City, and Green Room.

The couple has been together for a while, and they occasionally post about their relationship on social media platforms like Instagram.

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